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Simple Search

The Simple Search provides a basic type of interface by adopting a "Google style" search box. A corpus search is started by entering any word into the search box and clicking "Submit".

Results are displayed as Key Word In Context (KWIC) view with 15 hits per page. The entire list of hits can be accessed by browsing with the arrow icons or jumping to a specified page number.

When selecting the check-box "restrict results to easy sentences" only hits that satisfy certain readability criteria are displayed. To learn about the readability criteria click here.

Selecting a (sub)corpus

By default the corpus search will be run on the entire PAISÀ corpus. In addition, the drop-down menu "Corpus" allows the user to carry out searches on any previously created subcorpus. To learn about how to create sub-corpora click here or here.

Example queries

The interface allows for two different types of multi-word searches:

  1. Searches for sequences of words
  2. Searches for co-occurrences of words in one sentence, in any order.

To search for sequences of words (1.) the words should be entered between double quotes.

Searching for "cultura italiana" will return all sentences that contain the two words in the specified order, e.g.: Dopo almeno due secoli in cui l' arte e la cultura italiana erano stati i fari guida dell' intero continente…

To search for words occurring in one sentence in any order (2.) the words must be entered without quotes.

Searching for cultura Italia will return all sentences that contain the two words in any order, e.g.: In Italia, ad esempio, l' articolo 15 della Costituzione sostiene la libertà di espressione e accesso alla cultura e all' informazione. Another example: Ha dedicato la sua vita professionale alla divulgazione della cultura slovena in Italia ed in Europa.

Display of results

Results are displayed in KWIC format with a context of up to 10 words to the left and right (within sentence boundaries). The display is centered on the search target, and search words are highlighted in light blue.

By selecting the check-box "show dependency structures for all sentences", the KWIC view is replaced by a dependency diagrams view. In this view, each hit is displayed within its sentence context and 5 hits are displayed per page.

By clicking on any of the icons on the right of the KWIC line, additional information on the result can be accessed:

Download of data

Search results can be downloaded as zipped (.zip) .txt files by clicking on the download buttons below the KWIC display. Three different types of formatting are provided for the download: (1) tab separated text (TSV), (2) KWIC format, and (3) CoNLL format.

For details on the different download formats click here.

You need more help? See here for an overview of our help pages.